Yoga In 15

Boost your vitaliy


This is another Yin style practice, all poses are designed to be held for 3-5 minutes, depending on how much time you have. In this practice, we bring the quality of surrender to each pose. No striving, no pushing. Just sweet surrender into the pose. Soft muscles and soft joints. Use pillows, folded blankets or block substitiutes to make the pose comfortable. And then let go. No effort required.

This practice can be a physcial mindfulness practice. Gently draw the attention to the sensation in the body. Observe it, observe any thoughts about the sensation, watch the sensation change over time.

Physically, these poses are designed to work with your lower back, releasing the build up of tension in this region. The poses are also designed to stimulate the kidney energy lines of your body. The kidney is understood in traditional Chinese medicine to be the storehouse of vital energy. By stimulating this organ, we are giving ourselves a total boost to wellbeing.

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