Just. Eat. Real. Food.

The essential guideline behind all great recipes

I had a very interesting chat with one of my clients recently about Ayurveda- and a dosha-based diet.

Doshic eating guidelines can be super confusing. Our doshic balance changes daily so what’s right one day may not be ideal the next. And most of us have a couple of dominant doshas, so which guidelines to prioritise?

My advice to her (and to you) was not to get too het up about it. Sure, find out your doshas and what the general guidelines are, but aside from that Just. Eat. Real. Food.

There is a concept in Ayurveda and Yoga called sattva. Basically, sattva is the Mode of Goodness. If you eat mostly sattvic foods you cannot go too far wrong.
So what are sattvic foods? Foods in their natural state that do no harm. The principle of sattva also means that we should prepare and eat our food in a calm, peaceful and mindful environment. So, no eating while scrolling!

Think seasonal fruits and vegetables, nuts, unrefined oils (especially ghee), high-quality ethically-farmed dairy, grains, beans and legumes. Organic is ideal but again just do what you can.  The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 lists are great places to start when you are prioritising your organic v. non organic buys.

Ayurvedic principles dictate that we absorb the qualities of the foods we consume. The more sattvic foods we eat in a mindful and calm way the more sattva we bring into our lives.

It just makes sense doesn’t it?

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