About me

One of my early memories of growing up in country Victoria is going to yoga classes in an old draughty convent. On that frozen winter afternoon in Daylesford we had no heating but I couldn’t have cared less. My love for human movement had been awakened and over the coming years I would begin my journey into the worlds of ballet and competitive gymnastics. By the time I entered university, my love of doing had expanded into a love of teaching and I was coaching aspiring gymnasts. And throughout these times I kept returning to yoga — sometimes for exercise, sometimes for release — but time and time again I came back to the mat.

After graduating from university the doors of a big city law firm opened. It was glamorous and demanding, the kind of place high achievers strive to enter. In return for our total dedication, we were promised handsome rewards. But something (everything?) felt wrong. Perhaps for the first time I realised the choices I made would determine how fulfilling my life would be. I realised my interest in the law was never to serve corporations, it had always been to help people. And so I followed a new path into a very successful and deeply satisfying career as a barrister, specialising in the most heavy of human law: child protection, crime, family law, discrimination and intervention orders.

At home we had three children in quick succession and lived in a beautiful big house in a fashionable suburb. My husband had co-founded a software company that was rapidly expanding across the US and Europe. Our life was golden, but we were also exhausted. With three children under four and two demanding careers we existed in permanent survival mode. Something had to change.

Today my life … has become filled with deeper connections, more adventure and a new vibrancy.

My husband decided to quit his job and we took a life-changing sabbatical in Bali. I rediscovered joy, found out what it was like to have time to think, dream, imagine and create. I rekindled my love affair with yoga and became a qualified teacher, read widely on nutrition and began to face some of my own body-image demons. I became more and more intrigued by yoga’s sister science Ayurveda and its holistic and personal approach to health and wellbeing. I began in earnest studying Ayurveda and wellness coaching. The integration of Ayurvedic practices into my life has taken my yoga practice to a whole new level and enabled me to live my practice every day.

Today my life is imperfect, messy, and sometimes downright hard, but because I am better able  to answer the questions I hold most dearly, it has become filled with deeper connections, more adventure and a new vibrancy. I ask myself Why am I here? What are my values? What do I need to do more and less of to live those values every day? and use my answers to guide myself to a better life.

… we existed in permanent survival mode. Something had to change.

I never planned to become a yoga teacher and coach, but I take immense joy from guiding others towards the answers they seek. The chance to empower women to create their own dream life is too good to pass up.